Christchurch, a cyclist's city. Flat, friendly, and with a number of well planned and mapped bike lanes. Christchurch has number of local attractions, check them out at the tourist bureau close to the main square in the city centre.

The city primarily provides a base to head east over the Banks Peninsula to Akaroa and various bays between. Lovely views, but often a cycling challenge. Head winds can be particularly cruel but the landscape is worth it. Allow three to four days for a reasonably good look circuit. Enjoy Christchurch, but the best, in my opinion, is to come. The southern route to Otago.

Christchurch Airport to the City Centre

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Christchurch is a popular arrival point for cyclists starting their New Zealand adventure. Why? Because it lands you squarly in the south island, with easy access to some of the nicest riding in the country. In this cycle friendly city there is, alas, no dedicated cycleway from the airport to the city centre. This flat, easy, 10 km route weaves together what cycle tracks are available.

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